How To Shop At Aldi, The Confusing Budget Grocery Store

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They drift into the cozily sized store on a serene cloud of contentment, choosing from products stacked in quick-restock shipping boxes. The small footprint means that you might not find everything on your shopping list during a trip to Aldi. That level of expansion means that, love it or hate it, you’ll probably be walking or driving past an Aldi sometime soon. You need to unload your cart quickly, be ready to pay and then to move right over to the bagging area. We may roll our eyes at Costco’s prepper-leaning loyalists as they fill up their minivans with a year’s supply of toilet paper.

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We all have opinions ― strong ones ― about the places we buy our food. We might snicker at well-heeled foodies shelling out their trust funds for asparagus water at Whole Foods. We may roll our eyes at Costco’s prepper-leaning loyalists...

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