Indiana Attorney General Candidate Calls For Cannabis Legalization

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But he isn’t convinced that will happen any time soon. “Unfortunately, the chances of it being taken seriously in the Indiana General Assembly aren’t very good. The state is also one of only 17 that have no provisions for the legal use of medicinal cannabis. Sadly, Meyers does not favor the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. We can create a safe, well-regulated system here that will benefit our children, families, and communities for years to come.” However, legalizing recreational cannabis is likely to be a hard sell in the Hoosier state. So it could be a long time before we join the ranks of Illinois and Michigan.”

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Jonathan Weinzapfel, the Democratic Party’s nominee for Indiana attorney general, called for the legalization of cannabis for adults in the Hoosier State on Monday, saying the move would provide a needed economic boost while increasing funding for public education and helping reduce law enforcement costs.

“As Indiana works to come out of this pandemic stronger than before, legalizing cannabis for adults just makes sense,” said Weinzapfel in a statement posted to Twitter....

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