Is intramuscular or smoked weed the future of managing pain?

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Water-soluble oral administered cannabis may also be an adequate alternative as it also has a faster activation time. It did not, however, increase the presence of severe adverse effects, which may support its potential as a treatment method for acute pain. Following up on 2018 research that found cannabinoids may up a patient’s pain threshold while alos making pain seem less unpleasant, a December 2020 meta-analysis comprehensively reviewed available medical literature on cannabinoids and acute pain. Throughout the research, the group given orally administered cannabinoids did not differ significantly from the controls, who were provided a placebo, but the intramuscular patients saw a significant improvement in acute pain. Whether that pain is chronic or acute, it can be debilitating.

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Some suggest happiness is all about increasing pleasure and limiting pain. As such, pain is a pressing issue in many people’s lives. Whether that pain is chronic or acute, it can be debilitating. And because of that, at least in part, millions of people in the U.S. and elsewhere find themselves relying on opiates.

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