Magu, the Taoist goddess of hemp

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Magu is a Taoist deity who is considered the mother of food and is revered in this religion as the goddess of nutrition and healing. Magu, goddess of healing, nutrition…and cannabis? In this area, Magu is known as Mạc Đồng or Mạc Dực, and she is considered a protector goddess of villages. Other places where the Goddess Magu is worshiped We have seen how the worship of this figure is not exclusive to China, but is expanding to other nearby territories such as Korea. While she is a well-known deity throughout China, it is in the Sichuan province that Magu is particularly popular.

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Often, and especially in countries like China, considered in fact by many researchers as the cradle of cannabis, legends, historical figures or deities appear with some kind of relationship with our most beloved plant.

Today we are going to tell you about one of these cases, an interesting figure from Taoism represented by a beautiful young woman with long nails who protects the sacred mountain Tai, in the Chinese province of Shandong. We are talking about Magu, the one that many know as Hemp Maiden.

Qing dynasty porcelain plate depicting Magu, 18th century (San Francisco Asian Art Museum)


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