Marijuana could impair female fertility: study

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Another study published earlier this year found that women who smoked marijuana while pregnant negatively slowed infant growth and development. The Connection Between Cannabis And Fertility Does cannabis impair male fertility? Using animals, scientists discovered that when female eggs were exposed to THC — the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana — it inhibited pregnancy and the production of viable embryos. One study of 4,000 women found cannabis use had little to no impact on a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. / Photo: ruizluquepaz / iStock / Getty Images Plus This isn’t the first study to suggest women undergoing fertility treatment should lay off marijuana. Montreal physician and researcher advises pregnant women to avoid using CBD New preliminary research released by The Endocrine Society adds to this growing body of research.

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Understanding the role that marijuana plays in conception and pregnancy isn’t as clear and documented as one would hope. Relying on scientific research to tell the story often leads to conflicting reports.

For example, a 2018 study found habitual cannabis use lowers and alters sperm in men; a 2019 study contradicted those claims, reporting that former and current marijuana users had higher sperm counts than men who had never smoked...

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