Marijuana Legislation

Republicans Want Weed, But Does The GOP Care
The majority of Republican voters are starting to annoy the DC GOP. In the last couple of years, the elected members of the GOP have lukewarm, best about legal cannabis. Early on, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was the leader...
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Is Marijuana Good For The Environment
Why do sometimes the things loved most cause the worst problems.  Sugar, chocolate, coffee, salmon and rice are some of the worst crops for the health of the planet. Already climate change is having effects on crops, countries...
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Trying To Make Cannabis SAFER And Save You Money
The GOP and Biden aren’t concerned about small businesses…or your wallet Having a 40 hour a week job and working hard should not be a reason you are flagged to not get a car loan. Building a legal business you are passionate...
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Did Matt Gaetz Put A Knife In The Cannabis Industry
  People are consuming more marijuana than ever, but the industry is still suffering significant growing pains.  As the industry expands, bad players are being weeded out but New York and California have truly botched the...
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Jail For Using Medical Marijuana To Save Your Life
Malaysia continues to have the harshest cannabis laws in the world, including death  for convicted marijuana dealers. Irony is lost on bureaucrats and sometimes fairness can be skewed. This is our followup on our article...
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Bill Would Make Cannabis Companies Eligible For SBA Loans
Barriers to SBA assistance were a major complaint from cannabis companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that the  industry was designated as “essential” by nearly every state with a functional marijuana...
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DOT Makes Change in Marijuana Policy
  Facing a hiring crisis that has ramifications on national security and more, the Space Force announced a new pilot program that would grant certain applicants who test positive for THC, the main psychoactive component...
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Is Marijuana A Narcotic?
On November 6, 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational use of cannabis by voters.  Since then there has been more states, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Israel, Italy and more who have...
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Louisiana Legislators May Have Legalized More Than Hemp!
Louisiana is a champion of alcohol – but may have also helped marijuana a bit by not paying attention Louisiana is known as a laid back state when it comes to drinking.  Where else are there drive up liquor stores where...
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Thailand Is Giving Away A Million Cannabis Plants
Thailand residents will be permitted to legally cultivate “as many cannabis plants” as they wish in their own homes as of June 9. By Nina Zdinjak After Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize medical...
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Will Changes At Fox News Help Marijuana Legalization?
It seems changes are coming to Fox News with the ouster of Tucker Carlson. Does it mean Fox may listen to a majority of their viewers and be a champion of marijuana legalization (or at least not a hurdle)? In a recent poll...
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Will Oklahoma Be The Next State To Legalize Marijuana?
The state now has one of the most robust medical marijuana access programs in the United States. By contrast, adult-use possession is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. By Jax James, NORML State Policy...
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