Nabis raises $5m Series A to grow its cannabis distribution platform

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Nabis provides essential services to the California cannabis business. California is a crown jewel centerpiece of the cannabis market given the cachet of California cannabis. [Its] products have the same credibility and reputation in the same way as Napa Valley wine. California cannabis is the homeland of a lot of the best cannabis grown in the US. Eventually, Nabis hopes to operate nationwide though legal roadblocks stand in its way. For retailers, Nabis simplifies ordering, delivery logistics, and cash remittance — a key feature given the banking industry’s limitations on credit card transactions around cannabis. Since it’s illegal to ship cannabis through traditional means, most cannabis operators turn to private operations to transport goods.

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The cannabis industry is quickly growing up, and companies like Nabis play a critical role. Today, the company is announcing it raised $5 million in Series A funding, which will help it grow and expand its offering.

Nabis is a business to business distributor, handling logistics, payment, and warehousing. Instead of being a distributor for beer, snacks, or pet supplies, Nabis is a cannabis distributor. The company acts as a middleman between cultivators and retail establishments, providing both parties unique services. Since it’s illegal to ship cannabis through traditional means, most cannabis...

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