Nevada Judge Orders State Board to Remove Cannabis from Schedule 1

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In several other states that have legalized cannabis, lawmakers have directed the Board of Pharmacy to remove cannabis from Schedule 1 as well. ACLU Nevada sued the board on behalf of Antoinette Poole, who was convicted of possession of cannabis. ACLU Nevada represents the Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community (CEIC). Last month, three nonprofit organizations—the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Nevada Legal Services, and Code for America—were granted a total of $1.2 million from cannabis tax revenue from the Clark County Commission. The Board of Pharmacy’s general counsel Brett Kandt argued the federal status and classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance should apply in Nevada as well.

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Despite the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes in Nevada, police continue to arrest people for possession as the state’s Board of Pharmacy refuses to reschedule cannabis—but that could soon change with a new ruling.

On September 14, a judge ordered the Nevada Board of Pharmacy to remove cannabis from its list of Schedule 1 substances, after ACLU Nevada filed a lawsuit last April.

“In order for a substance to be classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, the Board of Pharmacy has to find that it has no medical value and cannot be safely distributed,” ACLU of Nevada...

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