New Zealand Concerned with Chances of Legalizing Cannabis In 2020

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However, other research conducted by the Horizon Research firm shows different results, that cannabis support is split down the middle. However, many have stated concerns over poll numbers dropping when it comes to cannabis support. Though she has smoked, she won’t support the policy openly, saying instead that it is up to the public to decide. Studies show that more than $1.4 billion New Zealand dollars could be gained each year from legalizing cannabis, a major boost to the economy. A “yes” vote means that Parliament will be able to pass the law if they choose to, and legal cannabis would be a viable possibility in the country.

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New Zealand was poised to make history this year by putting the national legalization of cannabis to a vote, but now advocates are concerned that it won’t make the cut in 2020 due to all the issues that have shifted the focus this year. 

If legalization does get pushed through, cannabis would be legalized for recreational use for those over 20, and there would be regulations as to the growing...

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