Can CBD help you sleep during the pandemic?
When a person is stressed out or anxious, one of the most common things to be negatively affected is the sleep routine. Whether this means weird and vivid dreams, a shift in sleep schedule or uncomfortable bouts of insomnia,...
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Dark Web Marijuana Sales Soar During Pandemic
The continued global crisis makes it difficult to know how black-market consumer behavior will change in the future. The coronavirus pandemic caused an uptick in doomsday hoarding behavior, with Americans stocking up on toilet...
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Seven reasons weed is patriotic AF
Cannabis is as American as apple pie and baseball. No matter what people think or say about weed, it’s hard to deny that the herb has helped shape American culture and history. Don’t believe it? This Fourth of July holiday...
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New Zealand to Consider Referendum on Legal Cannabis
As per a 2017 agreement to revisit legal cannabis later on, a referendum on legalizing cannabis will be held during the 2020 elections in New Zealand this September.   A draft of the bill has been published in the country...
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Do your genes have an impact on how cannabis affects you?
Marijuana is a widely used drug, yet it remains unpredictable. Seasoned users can usually manage the effect that cannabis has on them, while also staying calm during an unpredictable high. For newcomers, though, it’s different....
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How Marijuana And CBD Help Create Calm, Healing Walks
The heightened visual and auditory senses that cannabis can provide are just the ticket for many people who experience a daily anxiety buzzkill.  Being locked down or otherwise limited in your movements during this pandemic...
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