OR: Nectar Dispensaries Fined For Multiple Violations OLCC Alert Reveals

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Licensee is: Mana Holdings, LLC; Gordon Massie, Member; WWM, LLC, Member; Morgan Whitford, Member; Shadow Ray Unltd, LLC, Member; Reuben Ray, Manager/Member; Joint Holdings, LLC, Member; Sean Carriger, Manager/Member. Licensees are:  Nectar Markets, LLC; Nectar Holdings, Inc., Member; Jeremy Pratt, Pres/Dir/Stkhldr; Jeffrey Johnson, Vice President; Michael Olson, Sec/Treas. AJ’S NIRVANA FARM* will surrender its recreational marijuana producer licenseAND each licensee agrees to accept a letter of reprimand for two violations. TAP RELOOP* will pay a fine of $6,105 OR serve a 37-day recreational marijuana producer license suspension for two violations. NECTAR* will either serve a 79-day suspension OR pay a fine of $11,880 AND serve a seven-day recreational marijuana wholesaler license suspension for eight violations.

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The OLCC Commission has approved the following “Marijuana Licensee Stipulated Settlements” and we note there are 7 agreed settlements with Nectar over a number of violations especially at their Applegate Valley location.

After a quick look around we note that

…also noticed that something seems afoot at Nectar, who we gather, believe themselves to be the “McDonald’s of Portland cannabis.”

One of Oregon’s largest and oldest cannabis companies, Nectar was fined for violations on seven of it’s licences across the state. Five of its grow...

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