Pathologist At Kim Potter Trial Says Daunte Wright’s Gunshot Wound Wasn’t Survivable

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Lorren Jackson, an assistant Hennepin County medical examiner, testified that the gunshot wound causing injuries to Wright’s heart and lungs is what caused his death. They wrote that Potter had roles in the union, including as president, which gave her an elevated level of respect among her coworkers. The judge said jurors will have the opportunity to do that as part of the evidence during deliberations.Earlier Monday, Dr. Potter is white and Wright was Black. Mychal Johnson, testified on cross-examination Friday that Potter’s actions were authorized under state law.

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The trial of a Minnesota police officer charged in the shooting death of Daunte Wright opened its second week of testimony on Monday with an assistant medical examiner telling jurors that the gunshot wound was not survivable and caused Wright’s death.

Prosecutors also highlighted the differences between the Officer Kim Potter’s handgun and the Taser that her lawyers say she had intended to fire.

Wright, 20, was killed on April 11 after being pulled over in the Minneapolis suburb...

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