Police officer fired for smoking pot, drinking on duty and posing in a Hitler salute

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Earlier this year, a Toronto police officer pleaded guilty to eating a cannabis chocolate bar while on duty. The termination letter states that the officer drank on duty multiple times and posed in a Hitler salute while working as a reserve officer. One officer involved later resigned from the force while the second received a charge of discreditable conduct at a police hearing in February. Recreational cannabis remains prohibited in the U.K. and medical cannabis, while legal, is difficult to obtain, according to advocates. The officer also had relationships with “persons engaged in unlawful activity,” and consumed cannabis.

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A Massachusetts police officer has been fired after being cited for 10 violations of department rules and regulations, including consuming cannabis, drinking on duty and posing in a “Hitler salute.”

The Salem News reports the officer was fired in February of this year, with the notice stating the officer’s actions “constitute a substantial and egregious misconduct which adversely affects the public interest and safety by impairing the efficiency of public service.”


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