RYOT Verb DHV Dry Herb Vaporizer Packs A Punch

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Although it’s small enough to easily fit in a pocket, the RYOT Verb DHV is able to deliver hearty hits of tasty vapor. RYOT via Instagram Give It A Try Besides being simple to use, the RYOT Verb DHV vaporizer has a comfortable ‘slim hips’ grip that is easy to hold. Out of the box, the RYOT Verb DHV is preset to heat to the maximum temperature of 420℉ (another bit of fun). If you’ve been looking for a quality portable dry herb vaporizer but haven’t yet found one that fits the bill, give the RYOT DHV a try. What’s In The Box RYOT VERB DHV Vaporizer1 Micro USB Charging Cable1 Cleaning Brush25 pc.

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For those whose primary method of ingesting cannabis is smoking, switching to a dry herb vaporizer, particularly a portable one, can leave the user wanting more. There are a lot of different options out there, but it can be difficult to find one that delivers full, satisfying hits comparable to a good bong rip. That’s the situation the folks at smoking accessories manufacturer  RYOT set out to solve with its RYOT Verb DHV dry herb vaporizer.

“With so many dry herb vapes on the market, we sat back and expected somebody to make a pocketable vape that was easy to...

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