Snowless roof despite wintry conditions tips off police to illegal cannabis farm

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Macey encouraged the public to inform police if they suspect a property may be housing a cannabis grow, “so we can prevent these fires from happening. Indeed, police in Nottinghamshire believe a small fire at a home on Jan. 4 was the result of an electrical fault from equipment used to grow cannabis. Their hunch paid off with the discovery of a cannabis factory complete with drying racks full of weed, according to the Birmingham Mail. Last year, the Northamptonshire Police issued landlords tips for spotting cannabis factories, emphasizing that community intelligence is critically important in identifying these illegal operations. Next time it could be a lot worse.” Want to keep up to date on what’s happening in the world of cannabis?

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Amidst a sea of snow-covered roofs in Erdington, U.K., local police constables patrolling the area on Jan. 6 grew suspicious when they saw one roof had no snow at all, not even a dusting.

Electrical fire in illegal grow-op draws police attention Brush fire sparks discovery of illicit cannabis grow and charges for West Virginia man Fire...

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