The Baltic Times: Cannabis policy reform in Lithuania: history, current status, and future challenges

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The move is another small step in the direction of making cannabis policy more lenient toward consumers who may be otherwise law-abiding citizens. Both the decision-makers and the society at large seem to understand that cannabis policy based on the war-on-drugs rhetoric is outdated and needs to change. Another direction of the cannabis policy reform is to acknowledge the existence of a considerable population of medical patients who might benefit from cannabis-based medicines. This batch was enough to plant cannabis on an area of more than 300 soccer fields, and the street value of the harvest would be around €2 bln. Lithuania joined the trend in 2018 when the Parliament unanimously voted to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis to patients with certain conditions.

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On Tuesday, the Seimas greenlighted the draft bill that aims to decriminalize personal possession of small amounts of cannabis. If passed by the Parliament, the legislation will remove the need for criminal investigations when someone is caught with a personal amount of the substance. The language of the new bill – which will now be discussed in the Parliament committees – calls for simple citations for such offenses or fines ranging from €30 to €250.

The move is another small step in the direction of making cannabis...

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