The Best Part of Waking Up is Cafe Maria Cannabis Infused Coffee In Your Cup

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Any time is the right time for Cafe Maria cannabis infused coffee. A cup is simple to make: heat water, pour a packet of Cafe Maria into a cup, add hot water, enjoy. Cafe Maria invites you to: “Start your morning with a blissful, anxiety-free cup and head into a day full of inspiration.” Invitation accepted. Cafe Maria got me there. Courtesy of Cryopharm We Love To Wake & Bake — It’s Time To Joe & Flow Cryopharm has taken its time getting Cafe Maria right.

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Coffee and cannabis are best buds. Even squirrel monkeys love the combination. Scientists conducted a study in which they gave squirrel monkeys a lever to pull to get high on THC through an intravenous device; the monkeys pulled the lever a lot. Then scientists gave the monkeys MSX-3, a water-soluble substitution for caffeine. They discovered the monkeys pulled the THC lever less with MSX-3, because the caffeine combined with THC gave them the same high in fewer pulls of the lever. Basically,

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