The High Life of Weed Dude #37: Enter the Sativa Speakeasy (Password Needed!)

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You won't be able to party in Weed Dude's new 420 speakeasy without a password. But here's a hint: ACAB forever!

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Welcome back to The High Life of Weed Dude, a pot picaresque about an anthropomorphic weed plant who's forced to leave his cannabis garden due to a chemtrail raid by the government. After getting booted from his farm, the humanlike herb moves to NYC to start selling ganja — which, of course, he can grow off his own body.

In volume #37 of our series, Weed Dude and his friends make good on their promise to open a weed speakeasy — a bathtub gin ripper for the 420 generation. This is the Blazing '20s, after all. 

Beneath the New York courthouse, the canna-crew has organized a pot party unlikely any other: an open weed bar, ganja gift...

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