The Snoop Dogg x Berner 4/20 “Doggy Bag” Drop Went OFF at Cookies Maywood

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Snoop dropped "Tha Doggy Bag" on 4/20 at Cookies Maywood causing hundreds of people to line up around the block to get that good good — and to confirm whether Dogg actually smoked with Barack Obama.

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Snoop Dogg is the patron saint of the 4/20 holiday. That's why he goes BIG every damn year — it's basically his second birthday. Sure, he smokes weed every day. But blunt smoke hits differently when everyone smokes to the weed gods at the same time. It's like a medicated meditation. 

And Snoop wanted everyone to be loaded with delicious, sticky-icky this year, which is why he decided to drop a dank-ass collaboration with Berner and the Cookies crew in Maywood yesterday. "Tha Doggy Bag" was an exclusive gift brimming with weed and attracted what looked like a mile-long line of 420-friendly people ready to get as high as Snoop and Berner.


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