Three exciting ways technology is changing the cannabis industry

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PCMagazine compiled a few of the most interesting advancements that are affecting the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry isn’t exempt from technology’s reach. According to PCMagazine, some cannabis companies hope to address this by personalizing a person’s highs. The use of this technology could result in cannabis plants that are THC- or CBD-exclusive, that have different colours and flavours, and more. LED technology, which has been embraced by NASA to successfully cultivate plants in space, could soon be used by cannabis growers.

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Technology affects just about everything, from the way people interact with one another to how companies function. The cannabis industry isn’t exempt from technology’s reach.

Thanks to marijuana’s legal developments over the last few years, people and businesses are warming to the plant. The more time that passes and the more that technology develops, the more likely it is for cannabis to become involved in the medium, changing the way in which consumers buy and use products.


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