Top Cannabis Industry Employers 2021

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The company provides financial resources to organizations driving equity, justice, and inclusion inside the cannabis industry and within consumer communities. We applaud the top cannabis industry employers who turned pandemic lemons into infused lemonade. Working from home is an option, and the company offers flexible schedules to support work/life balance. Despite a global economic downturn in 2020, the cannabis industry flourished, resulting in a 50-percent increase in total annual revenue. A shared sense of identity, collaboration, unity of will, and personal investment in each other’s well-being drive the company’s DEI program.

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No one will deny 2020 was challenging. A deadly pandemic led to stay-at-home orders and business closures, which boosted some industries and decimated others. Mass layoffs, eviction moratoriums, and supply-chain disruptions strained the economy, and social and political unrest fractured communities.

Most jurisdictions declared cannabis commerce “essential” early in the crisis, saving jobs and likely preventing the collapse of individual businesses and potentially entire segments of the industry. That doesn’t mean cannabis companies suffered no disruption. Population lockdowns and fear of infection forced employers to restructure traditional workplace...

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