Billy Kimber OG Kush STRAIN REVIEW⛽�


After hearing all the hype about the Billy Kimber, grown by Garrison Lane, we finally got our hands on it. Let us tell you, it lives up to the hype! This is the most flavorful and stoney bud we've had on the show in a minute! Hope y'all enjoy, and BLAZE UP! REAL ONES CHANNEL: SHANE'S CHANNEL: DANNY'S CHANNEL: INSTAGRAM: @theCCC420 @shane_omac831 @dannyflavors @RealOnesPodcast @RealOnes.ENT FACEBOOK: #BILLYKIMBER #OGKUSH #STRAINREVIEW *LIKE & COMMENT - HELPS MORE PEOPLE SEE OUR VIDEOS! *TURN ON THE BELL TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN WE DROP NEW VIDEOS!