Brass Monkey Gorilla Glue Live Resin: Terpy Tuesday Ep. 53


Coming back after a small hiatus to review a company local to San Diego, the Gorilla Glue live resin from Brass Monkey concentrates this is an affordable live resin that comes correct with serious flavor and potency. Dabs off the @hexnail powered CCA710 Liger w/Sapphire at 565 degrees. TheCCC420 Site & Merch: TheCCC420 on IG: Chase on IG: Brass Monkey on IG: Hex-Nail (Touch Screen Enail): CCA710 (Liger/Enail Maker): Drew's Theory Soundcloud: Undrig Soundcloud: Of The Trees Soundcloud: Tony Rocky Horror Soundcloud: THANKS FOR WATCHING! REMEMBER TO LIKE/COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE TO STAY ON TOP OF NEW UPLOADS! VISIT THE FORUMS TO CHAT WITH THE CREW!