Cannabis 101: Visual Quality Guide

Description This episode of Leafly's Cannabis 101 we break down some important visual cues to look for when purchasing cannabis. Quality standards may vary depending on you location and access to cannabis and there are many other attributes to consider when buying cannabis. Besides the appearance the smell, effects, price, and quantity available may also influence your choice when selecting a strain. Potent cannabis doesn't necessarily mean it's high quality if it's missing the flavors or effects that you are looking for. Test data can also go a long way towards understanding what to expect from the cannabis you chose. Explore more about cannabis quality at: And find answers to all of you cannabis questions at or on the free app for iOS and Android. Special thanks to our friends at The Novel Tree for the location/background. Find out more about The Novel Tree on Leafly at: Follow Leafly on Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Leafly News: