CANNABIS WEDDING EXPO?! | Stoney Sunday | CoralReefer


Happy Stoney Sunday, thanks for watching this video! Would you have a weedy wedding? Filmed in San Francisco on February 11th ******** Find out more about the Cannabis Wedding Expo: (Los Angeles next!) Booths shown: Bud and Breakfast Kimono & shorts: Poprageous (spend $65 and get $20 off your first Poprageous!) Real Gold Cannabis Jewelry: CannaCentrix Papel Picado Earrings and silver cannabis embellished headband: Smokies Toke Couture Tiramisu & triple chocolate cake Floral arrangements Humboldt themed wedding table: Above & Beyond Creations Wedding cakes Sense booth Glittering gold booth: Graceful Gatherings Cannabis cocktails Custom glass rigs Model bride Makeup on site: Cassandra McClure HEMP wedding dresses: High Vibe Bride Photo booths: ******** This video is not sponsored, I was invited to attend as an opportunity to meet the Bud and Breakfast team and decided to make a video because this event was like WOW! ******** SUBSCRIBE & stay high: GLASS FISH, HEMP STONEY SUNDAY SHIRTS & MY OTHER MERCHANDISE ******** my Patreon page: big thank you to Damon, and everyone else for their patreon support!! ******** Twitter: @CoralReefer420 @StoneySunday Facebook: Coral Reefer & Stoney Sunday Snapchat: Coralfish19 Instagram: @CoralReefer420 @StoneySunday ******** EXTRA DISCOUNTS FOR WORLD REEFERS: Code “worldreefers” on these sites: VapeWorld Vapexhale Humboldt Hempwick The Nail Crown 20% off WRITE ME: 343 Soquel Ave #200 Santa Cruz, Ca 95062 ******** High! I'm Coral. I fell in love with cannabis near the end of high school and have enjoyed learning about this plant everyday since. I upload weekly for Stoney Sunday, share news stories on News Nug, and sneak in random videos in between. Pack a bowl, load the bong, heat the nail, and let's stay high together.