Friday Fish Bowl Session #10 – Master Bong


LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR HIGH 5s & HIGH VIBES! Come On By Sign up to WIN Two High Guys - I have to give it up for two high guys they have been killing it with their videos and it inspired me to shoot this Friday Fish Bowl session with all of you! We are going to blaze on some dank flavors from Grahams Brand and go over the first time i ever smoked weed EVER! Grahams brand has some original staple strains like Sour D, Headband, OG and Blue dream that they have back crossed to get back to the original roots as much as possible. They are located in Humboldt and Graham has been growing since the mid 90's We have a dank session and I know you will get blasted too! PEACE Master Bong SHOUT OUT TO... Two High Guys - Grahams Brand IG @grahamsbrand music: Mendo Dope - LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Master Bong and and all associated websites feature content about marijuana and other currently illegal substances, as well as hemp and other cannabis-related subject matter. The content includes information about cannabis cultivation, drug laws, drug tests, the recreational use of marijuana, the medical uses for marijuana and the worldwide drug war. Master Bong and and all associated websites All content on YouTube and and all associated websites for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. This website is for mature audiences only. We strongly encourage those users under 18 years of age to EXIT and unsubscribe immediately.