GGN with Demetrius Shipp Jr – FULL EPISODE


MERRY JANE Portraying an icon is one of the most difficult things an actor can do. When the subject is well-known and beloved, critics and audiences scrutinize the performance more than they would a regular role. If an actor doesn’t nail the look, mannerisms, and soul of the person, the world will absolutely flame them. Actor and producer Demetrius Shipp Jr. knew what he was getting into playing Tupac Shakur, arguably the most iconic rapper of all time, in the upcoming Benny Boom-directed biopic "All Eyez on Me," but that didn’t deter him from accepting the opportunity and the challenge. And, according to Snoop, who was good friends with Pac and has seen the movie, Shipp, Jr. nailed it in every way. On the newest episode of GGN, Demetrius Shipp Jr. joins Snoop to talk about his experiences being around Death Row as a child (his dad was in the music industry and worked on Makaveli with Pac), learning about the legend for the role, and the audience response, as well as Snoop stories about meeting Pac and smoking his first ever blunt with him and the age-old debate of weaves and extensions vs. natural hair. Follow MERRY JANE! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Subscribe to MERRY JANE's channel: Follow Snoop Dogg! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Subscribe to WestFestTV: