HD Milky Trichs – 60x Trichromes on a G13 Haze Marijuana Bud


HD Milky Trichs - Please Like & Fav it takes 0.01 seconds and it helps me 100x more :) I used http://www.EasyDubstep.com to make the music. 60x Trichromes on a G13 Haze Marijuana Bud - Sorry if the focus or lighting is slightly off, I was moving and focusing the bud at the same time. Plant will be harvested any day now and is basically dripping with THC and Resin, I would say I am at 1% Amber Trichromes and I would like at least 5-10% Amber for a nice smooth Cerebral high and a smidge of a great relaxing high. Mmmm - I will post videos of the harvest and some more up close Trichrome shots of my other plants soon and the great harvest. EVERYTHING you will ever need to know for how to grow your own mind blowing top-caliber medical-grade Marijuana. http://www.GirlsGrowing.com