How to do Smoke Tricks: Shotgun a Blunt/Joint


The @LifteddLadies from MassRoots stopped by to teach us their signature way shotgun! This might be their first appearance on How to do Smoke tricks, but these ladies have been at it for a while! Check out their MassRoots profile to see them doing all sorts of smoke tricks. Check out the "How-to" section on our channel to learn all types of smoke tricks like the O, tornado, bane mask, shotgun, jelly, and more! Like this video? Give it a like or comment. Love it? Share it with friends. Want more? Subscribe to MassRoots on YouTube! MassRoots is a community just for cannabis! Since 2013, MassRoots has been uniting stoners all over the world on the journey to legalization! Check out to see more or download our FREE app and join the community!