How To Make Weed Infused Maple Syrup Candy | Smokeables


Trey is our very own Martha Stewart of mary jane. In this episode of Smokeables he’s in a cabin off the grid in the Canadian wilderness, with too much weed and too much time on his hands. So he decided to whip up one of Canada’s favorite treats, infused with the dry legal weed that the Canadian government so kindly sold to us, legally. After making his maple syrup, Trey goes off into the snow to add some ice to the pops and make things chill. Try it at home, be safe, and have fun (but only if you live in a place where cannabis is legal). Subscribe to Munchies here: All Munchies videos release a full week early on our site: Check out for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Pinterest: Foursquare: More videos from the VICE network: