How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt


Dutch Masters are less prevalent on the West Coast as they are in the rest of the country, but provide an excellent blunt that burns smoothly. Blunts are less likely than joints to burn unevenly if the cannabis inside is broken down by hand. So, in cases where a grinder is not present, blunts are a perfect option, and dutch masters are a very popular alternative to blunt wraps or swishers. Dutch’s can be more delicate than some of the other cigars or blunt wraps, so it is important to make sure the dutch is not too old and fragile. A dutch master is a cigar that has be wrapped in an natural tobacco leaf. A regular blunt wrap is pressed tobacco leaf which is completely smooth, whereas a natural tobacco leaf has veins in it, much like any other leaf. Music: Copy that Floppy - Misfitchris Like this video? Give it a like or comment. Love it? Share it with friends. Want more? Subscribe to MassRoots on YouTube! MassRoots is a community just for cannabis! Since 2013, MassRoots has been uniting stoners all over the world on the journey to legalization! Check out to see more or download our FREE app and join the community!