How To Roll A Dutch Tulip Joint: Cannabasics #21


Learn how to roll a Dutch Tulip Style Joint on Cannabasics #21. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: "CANNABASICS": You need: 2 grams cannabis Grinder 4 gummed edge rolling papers 1 filter tip Rolling Machine (Optional) Instructions: The first step is to grind about 2 grams of Cannabis Next carefully cut or tear the Gummed Edge from 1 Paper. Keep the gum, discard the paper. Now, prepare the tulip flower pouch by joining 2 papers into a square and folding over into a pouch. While the tulip pouch dries we can prepare the filter tip for our joint for the tulip stem section. Now we can roll a regular joint with rolling machine and filter tip. I like to use a rolling machine for a nice sturdy and uniform stem but you can certainly just hand-roll your joint. Just make sure it is nice and sturdy, tight enough to stay rigid but not too tight to get a nice air flow through it. Now with our joint stem and gum strip ready we can now fill the dry tulip pouch with the remaining gram and a half or so cannabis Press joint stem into tulip pouch, twist and squeeze to lightly tighten Seal the 2 sections completely with the gummed paper strip. Let it dry, light and smoke. This episode of Cannabasics brought to you by the RuffHouse Studios Smoke. Save 10% off RAW rolling papers, trays, grinders and much more with the code CANNABASICS. I hope enjoyed learning how to roll and make a Dutch Tulip joint, if you did please hit the like button and subscribe to RuffHouse Studios for more cannabis culture videos made just for you. This is Matt from RuffHouse Studios, thank you for watching. Subscribe here: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: GOOGLE +: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/ruffhousestudio