How To Roll A Scorpion Joint (1/8 oz Halloween Party Joint): Cannabasics #28


Learn How To Roll A Scorpion Joint in time for Halloween on Cannabasics #28 | Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: "CANNABASICS": A Scorpion Joint is a spooky looking joint that could be a lot of fun for Halloween. It’s largely a novelty joint but you can smoke it your diligent as we’ll show you at the end of the video. Now let’s make a Scorpion joint! Here is what you need: 3 - 4 grams cannabis King Size and Regular Size Rolling Papers Tips or cardboard for a crutch Grinder Poking and tamping tools Scissors Instructions: Grind Cannabis Roll King Size Cone with Tip Roll 3 small joints for legs Roll 2 regular cone joints with no tips for claws Prep 4 holes starting from center of main body and perpendicular through the joint. Insert 3 legs through the main body Prep and insert claws into last hole Bend legs and claws into shape. Bend tail upward. Seal joints, dry and smoke it. Subscribe here: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: GOOGLE +: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/ruffhousestudio