Marijuana Seedling Q and A for Home Weed Grow Op.

Description Question and Answer - How to care for new marijuana seedlings when starting your home grow op. A new grower showed me his new seedlings that are stressed, not growing, and appear to be dieing. I give tips on how to care for new seedlings, when to transplant them, and tips to mind when transplanting to avoid stem rot and dampening off of the new tender seedlings. The I review the improvement to my Dieseltonic seedling and talk about the new cutting bubbler. In the veg room tour and the flower room tour, I emphasize the importance of the wet-dry cycle in best root development in your soil-grown marijuana plants. Deep Water Hydroculture seems to be easier to maintain, and grows better plant mass - so I'll be learning more about DWC as I go. At about 11:00 I review how to tell if your marijuana is ready for harvest - and education about lies you hear from your weed dealer about the quality of premature weed called 'red hair'. how to grow weed at home, growing weed from seed, pot seedlings, home grow, marijuana growing tips, high cbd strain, dieseltonic