Nature’s Lab Space Lemons Live Resin Sauce: Terpy Tuesday Ep. 51


The beginning of a long stretch of sauce reviews, the new Nature's Lab Space Lemons, a lemony spacewalker mix that reeks of lemon cleaning chemicals. Super racy sativa effects backed by a nice hybrid gas sets this concentrate off! Dabs off the @hexnail powered CCA710 Liger w/Sapphire at 565 degrees. TheCCC420 NEW WEBSITE: TheCCC420 on IG: Chase on IG: Nature's Lab on IG: Hex-Nail (Touch Screen Enail): CCA710 (Liger/Enail Maker): Swindle Soundcloud: Matt Deco Soundcloud: L-Wiz Soundcloud: THANKS FOR WATCHING! REMEMBER TO LIKE/COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE TO STAY ON TOP OF NEW UPLOADS! VISIT THE FORUMS TO CHAT WITH THE CREW!