Rolling and smoking a huge tarantula joint!!! – plus a time bomb!


Hey buds! Thank you so so so so so sooooo much for tuning in! In this video Amanda and I rolled up a fatty tarantula joint! It was our first time rolling one of these but I feel like we came up with a pretty solid technique. We ended up using about 1.5g of weed, .3g of wax and .3g of kief. We definitely recommend that you guys try this out for yourselves! The makeup brush definitely helped. Be sure to follow on Instagram: @thehighriseco @highrisetv @2girls.1bong Mac's Social Media: Instagram: @macdizzle420 SnapChat: @macdizzle420 Twitter: @macdizzle710 Periscope: @macdizzle420 YouNow: Macdizzle420 Macs wishlist: Amandas Social Media: YouTube: Amanda Shante Instagram: @thatgirlpanda Snapchat: @thatgirlpanda