Seed to Strain: AJ Sour Diesel


Get the Full Breakdown on MERRY JANE: In this episode of Seed to Strain, MERRY JANE spotlights the development of one of the most popular sativa strains ever, Sour Diesel. Many daytime smokers who want to be productive favor the bud, which is known for its long-lasting cerebral high and jolt of energy. Sour Diesel developer AJ, who refers to himself not as its creator but its “servant and keeper,” takes us back to the beginning, in the early ’90s in NYC, when good weed was an expensive rarity and Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Quality of Life/Broken Windows policing strategy made smoking in public extremely risky. Watch the video to learn about the origins of Sour Diesel and its name (which has nothing to do with its taste). Special thanks to Associate Producer Sam Carroll MERRY JANE Follow us! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: @merryjanemedia Subscribe to our channel: