Stoner Tips #1: Blunts and Joints (what’s the difference?) – THG


Are you new to smoking marijuana? It's cool, we all were at one point. Stoner tips is a series dedicated to sharing what we know about weed with young stoner-lings. For all the experienced homies out there, kick back, light one up and prepare to question why we aren't actually smoking a joint or blunt in this video. XD ***IMAGE LINKS*** -Unicorn Joint: -Shark Joint: -Cross Joint: -Blunt Gutting: -Cleared Out Blunt: ***Images of the Raw 1 1/4 inch and King Slim were taken by us, however we are not affiliated with Raw, or any of the other companies mentioned in this video*** ➜Drop a like if you enjoyed our tomfoolery! ➜Subscribe if you find yourself somehow wanting more of it! (Or because the button is red, either is cool with us) ➜Share with this video with at least 5 friends or THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST SHALL HAUNT YOUR BEING FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!!!! (haha remember those ridiculous chain letters?) Well this isn't one. O.O Want more bomb, dank, and chronic in your twitter feed? Follow us ➜ *** Intended for audiences 18+ ***