The Generational Divide That Could Kill Legal Weed In New Jersey (HBO)


The race to legalize recreational marijuana is on in New Jersey, and not everyone in the black community is happy about it. New Jersey's governor Phil Murphy has made legal weed one of his pet issues, pitching it as a social justice issue and promising to legalize the drug in New Jersey by the end of this year. If he succeeds, the state would become just the ninth state (not including Washington D.C.) to legalize the drug. It would also become just the second state to do it legislatively, since it will be decided by the state's congress instead of by its voters. But opposition is mounting, and not just from older, white, conservative politicians. In fact, one of the loudest skeptics is New Jersey's Legislative Black Caucus, which could sway the vote in November. Roberto Ferdman attended a hearing held by the black caucus where older members of the black community shared their worries and warned about the downsides of legal weed. He also traveled to Los Angeles to chat with New Jersey native and former NBA player Al Harrington, who was taught to hate marijuana. He now has a successful weed business out west, and he's itching to bring back home. Subscribe to VICE News here: Check out VICE News for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: More videos from the VICE network: