Ready to finally smoke that joint in peace? Luckily for all of us stoners out there, congress might just legalize marijuana completely. This means big things for the future of the cannabis community! Congress has proposed 2 seperate bills that are huge steps towards marijuana legalization: - The Marijuana Tax Revenue Act - Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act We decided to put our two cents out there, and display our excitement towards the notion of the passing of these bills. The world is constantly changing friends. Sometimes for worse, others for better!! ^-^ For more info about these proposed acts, check this out: ➜Drop a like if you enjoyed our tomfoolery! ➜Subscribe if you find yourself somehow wanting more of it! (Or because the button is red, either is cool with us) ➜Share with atleast 5 friends!!! or THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST SHALL HAUNT YOUR BEING FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!! (haha remember those ridiculous chain letters?) Well this isn't one. O.O Want more bomb, dank, and chronic in your twitter feed? Follow us ➜ *** Intended for audiences 18+ ***