Tyler’s Fire Freestyle! [TOO High Guys #8] – THG


Tyler dropped some phat rhymes after a previous Fish Bowl Friday, and here they are. Hope the homies enjoy this fun little bit! Cheers! ➜Drop a like if you enjoyed our tomfoolery! ➜Subscribe if you find yourself somehow wanting more of it! (Or because the button is red, either's cool with us) ➜And share with at least 5 friends by midnight!!! or the DRAKE/MEEK MILL NONSENSE SHALL HAUNT YOUR BEING FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!! (haha remember those ridiculous chain letters?) We heard they were real. O.O Want more bomb, dank, and chronic in your twitter feed? ➜https://twitter.com/TwoHighGuysYT How about in that IG feed? ➜https://instagram.com/thetwohighguys/ *** Intended for audiences 18+ ***