When To Harvest Marijuana – Peak THC Production and Trichrome Analysis done EASY


Please Like & Fav it takes 0.01 seconds and it helps me 100x more :) When to harvest is a great question and just looking at your buds like this you may not know if its the peak moment in THC production. Usually if the Pistils are at this point you should harvest but just by looking at the plant with one of these cheap 30 X magnifying glasses you will be able to see much closer at the Trichromes, these are clear trichromes this is to early to harvest as they are not fully mature. Here we have milky trichromes, these are ripe and at their peak. Once you see amber trichromes, the orange red looking ones, they are going past their prime. Usually 10 to 15% amber means 70% or more milky trichromes and is begging you to harvest. EVERYTHING you will ever need to know for how to grow your own mind blowing top-caliber medical-grade Marijuana. http://www.GirlsGrowing.com Updated video : http://youtu.be/0E48OEk3rE8 Tags When Harvest Marijuana Weed Cannabis Hemp 420 GRow How To Guide Trichrome Trich Trichs Amber Flowering marijuana how to plant seeds how to grow marijuana how to grow weed from set-up to harvest home page how to grow cannabis how to grow indoor marijuana grow outdoor marijuana grow cannabis don't touch your plants hot girl smoke weed sexy teen buds bong marijuana video marijuana grow video smokin stoner chronic bowl green hydro hits welcome glass purple live stoner rip baked news Updated link ►►► http://www.GirlsGrowing.com ◄◄◄ Updated Video With NO Microsoft Voice!!! ►►► http://youtu.be/0E48OEk3rE8 ◄◄◄