Cannabis Retail Ban Finally Lifted in Pasco, Washington
The city of Pasco, Washington this week officially lifted its ten-year ban on cannabis retailers, an historic change for that part of the state.  The city council there voted 5-3 on Monday in favor of zoning changes that...
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New Washington Law Protects Job Applicants Who Use Weed
Applicants for employment in Washington gained new protections on Monday as a new law barring discrimination based on a worker’s off-duty cannabis use went into effect throughout the state. The legislation, Senate Bill...
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Washington To Do Away With 37% Medical Cannabis Tax
Lawmakers in Washington State “recently passed a bill granting an exemption from the 37% excise tax for medical marijuana patients and designated providers,” according to Forbes. The passage of the measure eliminates ...
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Felons Can Now Get Cannabis Licenses in Washington State
Felons will no longer be automatically barred from getting a cannabis license in Washington State, beginning next Saturday on October 2. Several updates to the rule now allow some people with serious felonies to obtain cannabis...
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Washington Bans Hemp-CBD in Food
If you’ve been following the hemp scene in Washington state, you know it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. The latest “drop” comes in the form of an August 1 memo from the Washington State Department of Agriculture...
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