What Is Ice Water Extraction And Some DIY Tips

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Likewise, it is important that proper knowledge of the extraction process is available before embarking on the extraction process The success of the ice water extraction process depends on the extraction process. Ice water extraction requires freezing the plant matter before the extraction process itself. Ice water is used instead of hot water for extraction due to some of the complications that hot water brings to the integrity of the plant matter. The needed materials are the plant matter for extraction, ice water, and preferred container for extraction. This is why ice water and not hot water are used for this extraction process.

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Not for the casual user, ice water extraction is when you really need some down, chill time.

Like wine, whiskey, tequila and a few other things, there are casual users and serious, serious users.  A concentrate is for the experienced user who can manage a bit of a ride.  So what is ice water extraction? It is a form of a concentrate which results is a product with 50% to 70% THC levels.  This process will bring cannabinoids in to a closer pure form, devoid of plant matter.

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