What Is Sinsemilla: Everything Cannabis Enthusiasts Need To Know

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However, unfertilized cannabis (sinsemilla) lives longer and continues to produce flowers for up to a month longer than its fertilized brethren. Remember all cannabis products come from the cannabis plant in one way or another. As the benefits of sinsemilla crept into the cannabis experience, connoisseurs wanted more, so growers began cultivating seedless strains almost exclusively. Easier For The End User Another reason sinsemilla is better than seeded marijuana is, again, in the name: sinsemilla is without seeds. So the second syllable in sinsemilla is pronounced “seh.” That gives us the first three-quarters of the word: seen – seh – mee.

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In this article, the all-things-cannabis experts at Honest Marijuana tell you everything you need to know about sinsemilla and discuss why those in the know don’t use the term very much anymore.

What Is Sinsemilla?

The bulk of what you need to know about sinsemilla is in its name. It’s OK if you’re still stumped because sinsemilla is a Spanish word and not very common these days.

Here’s the skinny.

Sinsemilla is a portmanteau (two words scrunched together) of the Spanish words “sin” (without) and “semilla”...

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