When Exactly Should I Pop My Edible?

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For this reason, try to wait until the opening act has played at least one song before you pop your edible. In order to have that timing, you would need to pop your edible before you prepare to board your train, bus or airplane. So it is safe to say that once you have unpacked your materials, confirmed you have the necessities, you can officially pop your edible and apply some sunscreen. But you want to make sure your edible is peaking when your favorite songs are playing, not when the opening act takes the stage. Figure about 30 minutes of a break between the opening act and the headliner, and you are looking at a little over an hour after you hear the first song by the opening act before you hear the main event.

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Timing edibles can be tricky. There’s no exact science, but there are some tips that can help you get the most out of heightening experiences.

Edibles are growing significantly in popularity, and are finding their way into all sorts of activities. From exercise, travel, sleep and everything in between, someone is popping an edible and seeing if it enhances the experience. Edibles do, in fact, enhance all sorts of activities (when practiced safely, of course). But they also take time to work their magic.

When it comes to edibles, it’s all about timing. Too soon and you’re high before you want to be. Too late and you’re staring at your...

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