Why Other Countries Are Legalizing Weed Before The US

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Legalizing and thus regulating it, rather than fighting a criminal underground market seems to be a motivating factor in several countries that have legalized weed before the US. Switzerland Most recently, Switzerland lifted its ban on medical marijuana, and has thereby legalized medical cannabis as of August. The new move even allows for the export of medical cannabisallows for the export of medical cannabis. RELATED: The (Possibly) Best and Worst Countries To Get Caught With Pot There are a variety of reasons why countries are making major progress in cannabis legalization while the United States lags. What reasons have other countries have found reasons to legalize and decriminalize marijuana while the US remains unable to find its rationalization? Mexico’s supreme court voted 8-3 last year to decriminalize marijuana, thus legalizing its medical use and cultivation.

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The US has ample reasons to choose from, but has yet to pick one singular cause strong enough to push the country into a post-prohibition era for marijuana.

Marijuana policy in the United States has been in the news a lot, but often it is the lack of action the country is making that is making headlines. Whether it is the MORE Act floating in limbo and failing, and a strongly worded letter urging a change in marijuana laws...

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