Will Marijuana Destroy My Lean Muscle Mass?

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As men get older, testosterone levels can drop, making it difficult for them to build lean muscle mass, maintain bone density and create a chiseled physique. There is some research out there, however, that suggests smoking marijuana might be harmful to testosterone levels. This means marijuana users might have a tougher time keeping the testosterone levels needed to get ripped. That’s the reason men, especially older ones, have to be careful not to do anything that can destroy their gains. That’s another thing that older men must watch out for when trying to get themselves back in shape.

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Can the herb, something that has therapeutic properties, really sabotage a man’s overall muscle mass? 

Around middle age, a lot of men make an effort to start going to the gym in an attempt to shrink that bulging gut and get back into shape. It happens to a lot of us. The years have a way of creeping up while we’re busy out there trying to earn a living and helping to raise families.

All of a sudden, we’re fat and 40-something, our chests are sunken in, and everyone calls us chicken legs when we walk around in a pair of shorts. Forget what the Internet tells you; Dad Bod is not in. The only people who find a squishy physique attractive...

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