Would you know if there was a cannabis factory next door? Police welcome citizen reports of suspicious drug activity

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In the U.K., supply or production of a Class B drug, which currently includes cannabis, can carry as long as 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. Answering the aforementioned question could prove critically important since people who are tipped off by these odd attributes can, in turn, tip off the police. Subscribe to Weekend Dispensary, a new weekly newsletter from The GrowthOp. Cannabis factories may emit a pungent weed smell, which often occurs during the final month of growing. / That community intelligence has been — and continues to be — very helpful in trying to banish these bud bandits and restore safety to neighbourhoods, the Met Police suggest. Urging anyone who lives, works or visits the area to report suspicious activity, “we will quickly determine whether criminality is taking place at the address and, in our continued drive to suppress violence, will deal robustly with the offenders and with the landlords where it is appropriate to do so,” Trevers says.

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Illegal cannabis cultivators are always worried about people trying to steal their stashes so illicit grows often have tell-tale features that should raise suspicions, hunches the Metropolitan Police in London, U.K. is always willing to hear.

“Cannabis growers are in constant fear of being robbed by other criminals who want to steal their crop,” Detective Sergeant Owen Morgan of Metropolitan Police’s East Area Command Drugs Focus Desk, says in a statement.

That constant concern oftentimes means these illicit operations have fairly obvious...

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