What Will The Cannabis Industry Look Like In The Future
How Will Pot Stocks And The Cannabis Industry Shift For The Better?   While leading marijuana stocks compete for the top spot in the cannabis industry, many are wondering what kind of changes we can expect in the next few...
Marijuana Stocks
Can CBD help you sleep during the pandemic?
When a person is stressed out or anxious, one of the most common things to be negatively affected is the sleep routine. Whether this means weird and vivid dreams, a shift in sleep schedule or uncomfortable bouts of insomnia,...
The Growth Op
Not Quite So Sweet: Hemp & the Honeybee
A funny thing happened in November 2006. David Hackenberg, a Pennsylvania beekeeper tending to his hives in Florida, went on a routine check. What he found was startling: After opening up his hives, he discovered that there...
Cannabis Now
How To Smoke A Blunt: Tips And Tricks From The Pros
Are you curious — and maybe a little leery — about how to smoke a blunt? Boy, have you come to the right place! At Honest Marijuana, we love cannabis and blunts so much that we roll our very own high-quality, organic...
Honest Marijuana
Dark Web Marijuana Sales Soar During Pandemic
The continued global crisis makes it difficult to know how black-market consumer behavior will change in the future. The coronavirus pandemic caused an uptick in doomsday hoarding behavior, with Americans stocking up on toilet...
Fresh Toast
The Cannabis Retail Spike Was Short Lived
MJ Biz writes…………Adult-use marijuana sales plunged over the weekend, only a few days after skyrocketing to new heights as consumers prepared for fallout from coronavirus. The response might mark a natural decline...
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Alert: Washington State. 420 Day & Social Distancing
We recognize the month of April is typically a busy time for cannabis retail licensees. As April 20th (4-20) is approaching, we want to share some risk management ideas to encourage compliance with the Governor’s Proclamations...
Cannabis Law Report
Overwatering cannabis plants
Water is essential to life; without water, nothing thrives, but like everything else, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Today we’re going to explain how overwatering affects cannabis plants during their life and...