The Best Movies to Stream While Galactically Stoned
A viewer’s guide to your (now-legal) recreational puffing. Photo-illustration by Observer Slowly but surely, the United States of America has been growing out of its antiquated demonization of cannabis. On Wednesday, New...
CBD Oil for Gout: Help for Inflammation and Pain
CBD offers benefits for many different conditions through a wide variety of chemical mechanisms, but for people suffering from gout, only two of them are important.  The first one is inflammation, and the second is pain.  Crystallization...
Green Camp
Canadian companies pushing the cannabis envelope
COVID-19 might be keeping many Canadians indoors and idle, but the activity has not slowed for a number of cannabis providers who continue to identify new and innovative approaches to benefit marijuana consumers. Consider...
The Growth Op
High Times Greats: George Romero
Best known for his Night of the Living Dead, filmmaker George Romero (1940– 2017) talked to Mike Wilmington and Barry Brown for the July, 1981 issue of High Times. Topics included bucking the Hollywood movie mafia, working...
High Times
Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg want to be your weed dealer
Seth Rogen and four friends-turned-co-founders have been building a weed company for close to ten years, and its products are now available in the United States. The company’s house goods will be available through its website...
It’s 4/20. Cannabis stocks are smoking hot
In honor of April 20 -- aka "weed day" -- we figured it was worth pointing out that cannabis stocks are smoking hot. Shares of industry leaders Canopy Growth and Cronos, which are backed by Corona owner Constellation Brands...
Guide to cannabis trimming machines
As every grower knows, the most time-consuming and labour-intensive part of the cannabis cultivation process is trimming the harvested buds. While a few small plants can be trimmed by hand with scissors in a reasonably short...
How To Buy Legal Weed Online
The website you’re ordering from should look legitimate, like it was designed in this century, and should also have recommendations from publications and reviews from different customers. Marijuana’s slow but steady movement...
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3 Marijuana Stocks That Investors Could Be Bullish On
Can These Pot Stocks to Watch Keep the Upward Momentum? There are plenty of marijuana stocks to choose from in the cannabis industry. From pure-play pot stocks like Aphria Inc. (APHA Stock Report) to ancillary marijuana stocks...
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3 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In February
3 Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now In The Market As we enter the month of February some of the top marijuana stocks are on investor’s watch list. During the last few days of January, cannabis stocks started to dip. However,...
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Removing Fascism from The German Cannabis Discussion
At a time when the United States is celebrating a nail-biting democratic transfer of power, a move is afoot in Germany to face, finally, the last vestiges of Nazi influence. And while at first glance it may sound “trivial”...
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Most Germans Still Oppose Cannabis Legalization
While Germany is slowly becoming more accepting of cannabis, like most other places in the world, most Germans of voting age still oppose legal cannabis, even if only by a slim margin. Infratest dimap, a poll agency in Germany...
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