Miss Representation: Stoner Women In Film And Television
Over the years, tv and movies have unveiled a world of ordinary women who smoke weed. Yes, as interesting, funny and empowered as they are, they are ordinary people.  This article by Lola Sasturain was originally published...
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How Two-Way Humidity Control Protects Terpenes
Legacy grower “Red Ted” Blair’s roots in the Emerald Triangle’s cannabis community run deep. At the age of thirteen, he was introduced to the plant by his mother—a first-generation grower—and he has been immersed...
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California to Infuse Money into Legal Cannabis Industry
In an aim to prop up the state’s still-struggling, legal cannabis industry, lawmakers in California on Monday approved new funding to marijuana businesses in order to stay ahead of the black and gray markets.  The $100...
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Cannabis arrests cost Wyoming $29 million per year: NORML
The Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is working to ensure that the legalization of medical cannabis appears on the 2022 General Election ballot, pointing out that cannabis...
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CBD Oil Canada: Where to Buy CBD Oil Products in Canada
Do you find yourself constantly struggling to sleep at night? Many people face sleepless nights which lead to several negative effects. You may begin to deal with daily fatigue, lack of focus, chronic pain, anxiety attacks,...
These Marijuana Stocks Are Building More Momentum In June
2 Marijuana Stocks That Are Slowly Starting To Recover In The Market Currently in June marijuana stocks are still building more momentum. Which has been much needed after the last 12 weeks of trading. However, even as parts...
Marijuana Stocks
Marijuana Tax Revenue Is Through The Roof In California
California Sets A New Marijuana Tax Revenue Record Beyond just looking at investing in marijuana stocks there are other areas of the industry. Yet even though now looks to be a good time to find top cannabis stocks to buy....
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